ABOUT G's Naturale !

G’s Naturale has resolved to transparency, excellent food, and customer satisfaction. We source our raw materials straight from farmers. These raw materials are traditionally processed with no added chemicals. To guarantee enlightenment and quality, we have affixed a QR code on the rear side of the product that can be scanned by clients to see test reports.

On our obtaining trips across India, we’ve tasted and encountered the best nature of hand beat flavours, (Wood-pressed Kachi Ghani oil, A2 cow bilona ghee, Honey, Salt and sugar. We serve export quality Spices, Wood pressed (Kachi Ghani) oil, A2 cow bilona ghee, Pure Honey, Sugar and Salt.

Our Vision

We at G’s Naturale endeavour at each progression to bring you quality products. We believe that our customers deserve the best quality ingredients as the best quality ingredients are usually exported to other countries from India. We aim to provide export quality spices to our customers. Our vision is to grow in the market by maintaining our product quality, support, and value for money. Our success should go hand-in hand with the farmers as we aim to educate them and give them fair prices.

Our Mission

  • Empower small farmers and natural cultivating.
  • To encourage chemical-free and unadulterated (raw and pure) food sources to maintain the health of the Earth and its people. 
  • Give work with respect.
  • Support women’s cooperation in the labour force.


Best quality sourced from native places

No added chemicals and colors

Authentic taste and aroma

Why do people love us?

Meet Our Team

Wade Warren


Floyd Miles


Brooklyn Simmons


Ralph Edwards


Leslie Alexander


Wade Warren