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Our wood pressed (Kachi Ghani) or cold-pressed coconut is made from finest quality coconut. Packed in premium glass bottles. It contains Natural aroma, taste and nutrients. Our finest quality oil is natural with no added chemicals and preservatives.

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Our wood pressed(Kachi Ghani) or cold-pressed coconut is made from finest quality coconut. Packed in premium glass bottles. It contains Natural aroma, taste and nutrients. Our finest quality oil is natural with no added chemicals and preservatives.


We procure our ingredients directly from the farmers to get the finest quality of ingredients to serve to you with the finest quality of product ie. truly natural. The oil may contain fibre sedimentation as our oil is sieve filtered (single filtered) and left for natural sedimentation for 2-3 days. This is the mark of Truly Natural wood pressed oil or cold-pressed oil.

Step 1

Our oils are procured directly from farmers. We make sure to provide them with better prices. We cater to factors like social support, good governance, and sustainable production to them as well.

Step 2

To certify the best flavour and fragrance, coconuts are parched under the scorching sun.

Step 3

The coconuts are cold pressed in the wooden churner at the temperature of less than 40 degree to maintain their high nutrient value.

Step 4

Now, the oil is filtered using sieves to get rid of any impurities in the oil.

Step 5

Hence the strained oil is put out for the sedimentation process for 2-3 days, to filter the fine impurities in the oil.

Step 6

The resultant is a fine quality Coconut oil. But to ensure its calibre, the oil has to undergo stern quality checks and match up to FSSAI standards


Frequently Asked Questions

Refined oils are colorless, odorless, and non-abrasive. Normal refined fats are extracted using solvents and processed at high speeds, capable of rising temperatures up to 100° C, which reduces the flavor of fats and the formation of nutritious foods. During this process, trans-unsaturated fats are produced which makes it very unhealthy for your heart. On the other hand, our cold-pressed oil is extracted using techniques of pressing and grinding the seeds at low temperatures i.e., usually below 40 degrees. The low temperatures avoid losing the nutrients in the oil and retain its fragrance and natural flavor. Having high vitamins and antioxidants, they are really good for the heart.

We provide fine-quality cold-pressed oil by crushing the seeds / raw nuts and forcing the oil through pressure. Our oil is also “pressed first,” meaning the seeds/nuts are crushed and pressed only once. The oil is pure, unmixed, unbleached, and, most essentially, natural. When the oil is uprooted in this way, it maintains its true flavour, aroma, antioxidants, and nutrients. It does not amend the oily structures and makes them perfect for cooking and caring for skin needs. Therefore, cold-pressed oil has a comparatively higher price than usual.

During winters, coconut oil tends to solidify due to the low temperature, while it maintains a liquid state at room temperatures in other season.

Our coconut oil is 100% natural and free from preservatives. It is absorbed easily and possesses disinfectant properties which makes it perfectly suitable for oil pulling.

The only difference between virgin coconut and wood pressed coconut oil is that virgin oil hails from coconut milk whereas the dried and flaked coconut flesh gives us the wood-pressed pressed coconut oil. This basic difference in production procedure differs them. Otherwise, they are both the same nutrition-wise.

The difference between wood pressed and cold-pressed is very mild but makes a huge difference in the oil. any oil that is not refined is called cold-pressed. There is no hard and fast rule about terms. It may be pressed in metallic kolhus or processed in metallic expellers. the presence of metal can result in a rise in temperatures. Due to this rise in temperature, the metallic molecules can transfer into the oil and can harm our health. The produce of oil is 40% higher than wood pressed. On the flip side, wood pressed oil is processed in a Wooden Kolhu or Chekku. The wood causes a minimal rise in temperature while processing which helps in maintaining the nutritional value of the oil. The virtuous properties of the wood get transferred to the oil, making it more nutritional. The produce of oil is lesser in wood pressing.

Sure thing! We provide you with coconut oil that is 100% safe and has no chemicals. Coconut oil consists of antioxidants as well as fatty acids that fend off any skin or hair mutilation. Its anti-microbial properties keep our hair and skin in check. Hence it is perfectly safe to use, except if you are allergic. Therefore we recommend taking a patch test on your arm as a precaution is always better than a cure.

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